The project management model for building your new home takes you from inception through completion. You will have peace of mind throughout the building process knowing you need not worry about building and safety regulations or local authority requirements because the project manager is.

The project begins with five steps:

  1. Develop a full set of construction drawings
  2. A detailed cost estimate is developed
  3. A contract entered into between owner and project manager
  4. Application for all permits with Regulatory Authorities
  5. A detailed project schedule is created and the work begins

Mike is a believer all homes should be built right the first time. There is no time or need for re-work in today’s marketplace. He is a supporter of energy efficiency and works at providing draft free homes which are void of cold spots. Extra care is taken starting with the design of a house to ensure the home is energy efficient. Our houses today have;

  1.    continuous whole house ventilation
  2.    continuous building envelope to reduce drafts and cold spots
  3.    higher levels of insulation
  4.    energy-efficient appliances, lighting, doors and windows
  5.    advanced heating and cooling systems